about Stephanie

Stephanie Reddicopp is a Gospel Music Association (GMA) of Canada Covenant Award nominated Singer/Songwriter. 

She is also a Worship Leader and the

Creator/Host of Fire & Grace - the podcast. 

Her upcoming EP release, Beauty Maker, is both lyrically and musically her best work yet.

Fire & Grace - the podcast was birthed out of a season of suffering, and the title track "Beauty Maker" off of this release is a perfect pairing to her story and her guest's stories of suffering, hope and perseverance. Through the language of Modern Christian Pop music, these 5 NEW songs are full of emotional depth and biblical truth.

Stephanie's prayer is that her music will help others to adore God, cry out to God, know the truth found in His Word and be a source of healing and encouragement in peoples lives.

Stephanie Reddicopp
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Fun Facts

  • Stephanie has recorded with The African Children's Choir

  • Stephanie loves all things fitness and used to teach it!

  • Stephanie is married to Dean and they have two boys

  • Stephanie also sings in a trio called The Arias

  • Stephanie hosts a podcast called Fire & Grace